Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take away this kid's screwdriver!!!

Watch this sweet commercial. He's so precocious.

Watch again... Watch it!!!

I know this commercial is supposed to be all adorable and about how the kid is exploring his world of electronics, and his parents have big dreams of his future in the world of computer science. He's taking things apart, learning about computers and electrical systems... I was that kid. I took things apart to see how they worked, and not everything went back together quite right (always had a pile of important looking shit left over).

But he's taking a screwdriver and digging up the traces on the motherboard, before he jams that wretched tool into the IDE and power ports and bends all the pins into a completely unusable state!

He's destroyed what would be, to a consummate computer professional as myself, merely a $100 piece of equipment. But, given his retard parents, he's probably demolishing their entire $1000 Dell desktop with no hope of repair. Say goodbye to all that savings you devoted to Lit 101 and 102!

I want to encourage any kid I have someday to explore his interests. But I don't want him opening the hood to my car, jamming a screwdriver through the fuel line, knifing the timing belt and trying his hand with the wire cutters on the brake lines. That's not learning... it's just vandalism.