Friday, June 20, 2008

Bob Log III

Ladies and gentlemen. Tucson's own... Bob Log III

Now, I've seen this guy live. He's a real hoot. Bob Log III is a Tucson favorite, playing straight, down-home slide guitar with his own percussion, a real treat to see. Turns out he's a real nice guy off stage too, not afraid to say hi to a fan who recognizes him without his trademark helmet.

He introduces himself:

"Bob Log the third, one-man band, Tucson, Arizona. Heyeeeh! Lemme introduce the band to ya. On cymbals, left foot. Over here on the bass drum we got right foot. Shut up! This is my left hand that does all the slide work, right hand does the pickin'. My mouth hole does most o' the talkin'. And you're looking at my finger."

If you live in Tucson, or he's coming to your area, go on and see him live. If not, do what you can to find some of his music or look up a video or two on teh youtube.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Breakfast Cake

So, Gabe brings the idea to me to make "Breakfast Cake."  He was inspired by breakfast casserole a few weeks ago, and intrigued by the concept of bringing more inappropriate things to breakfast time.  It's a good thing the Idea Man lives with the Implementer.

This thing is chock-full of breakfast...DSC03889


Started off with thawing some frozen Italian sausageDSC03634 Brown up that sausage a bitDSC03635 That looks plenty goodDSC03641 Chop up some red, yellow and orange peppersDSC03638 That's a colorful bunch DSC03642 Some awesome sharp white cheddarDSC03649 Cheese is gratedDSC03652 The missing ingredients... including cake pans.  Also, these are not my World of Warcraft cards.DSC03648 Gabe is back with the groceriesDSC03654 8 eggs, 2 cups of Bisquick, 2 cups of milk, whisked brisklyDSC03657 Add peppersDSC03663 And onionsDSC03664 And Italian sausageDSC03665 Stir it all together... but this doesn't seem done yet...DSC03667 Ah, bacon.  Now we're on the right track.DSC03673 Let's just stir that inDSC03676 Don't forget that cheese. Add about a handful or twoDSC03678 Tough as it may be, stir away.DSC03681 This is about where the doubts start creeping in.DSC03683 Add some spices (garlic, cumin, oregano, white pepper, paprika, red pepper, kosher salt)DSC03688 Whisk whisk whisk!DSC03690 Mmmmmm, that's a beautiful bowl of vomit.

DSC03696 The kitten is uninterested.DSC03700 Pam up some of those brand new cake pansDSC03698 Scoop the vomitous blobs into the cake pansDSC03706 Yeah.  Plan on eating that later.DSC03718 Cover in tin foil, throw in the oven at 375 for, like, an hour.DSC03720 May as well go mow the lawnDSC03722 Cakes are getting close, time to start getting going again.DSC03729 Time to cook up that country gravy.  Yeah, it's packets, but we're not puritans around here.  Instead of 2 packets and 4 cups of water, we used 2 packets, 1 cup of water, 2 cups of milk and an egg... for some reason. DSC03730 Breakfast wouldn't be breakfast without beer and coffee DSC03738 This is looking good.  The toothpick comes out clean.DSC03741 No cooling rack, but we have super cheepo pans DSC03743 OMG OMG OMG!  This is about the point where we realized that this may actually be possible. You're basically looking at a stiff enough quiche to support another layer.DSC03744 Touch.  Sproing.DSC03745 More bacon, fried up in the microwave, chopped and mixed with some onions to sauté.DSC03755 The other, thicker cake half came out just as beautiful as the first.  Time to begin the 'icing' process.  The country gravy thickened up awful nicely. DSC03758 The bottom half is covered with a nice healthy layer of country gravy.DSC03763 Time to add a layer of Italian sausage.DSC03764 Beautiful.DSC03769 Here's that bacon and onions.  We'll throw that into the middle layer.DSC03770 Oh, don't forget the cheeseDSC03779 Just want to bake this up for about 5 minutes to melt the cheese and get things gellin' a littleDSC03783 It looks good!  Transfer it to its final serving placeDSC03788 Take the top half, flip it and cover with another layer of 'icing'DSC03794 Sammich the whole works togetherDSC03796 Mmmm, cake burgerDSC03798 The icing process beginsDSC03804 More icingDSC03808 Doesn't that look great?DSC03817 The cat, still, could not care lessDSC03827 Let's seal that last little bit upDSC03839 Now Kayla comes along to work the decoration tip.  Plastic baggie, filled with remaining gravy, with a corner cut out.DSC03844 Squirt squirtDSC03846 Pretty prettyDSC03848 Took the remaining peppers and softened them up a bit over low heat for decorationDSC03849 Oh my god that's a cakeDSC03852 Well, we have remaining sausage.  At this point, we're just playing with our foodDSC03854 Decorating crewDSC03861 Holy hellDSC03870 Is so pretty.  And packed full of delicious.DSC03879 Adding the peppers and bacon for a little color.  Top it off with some Red Hot for color, and we're goldenDSC03881 Enjoy it while you still have arteries, you foolsDSC03885 Winnar.DSC03887 Time to cut it.  Is this actually going to work?DSC03889 That is a damned cake.DSC03892 Dish up!  It's only 6:30PM and we're already having breakfast!DSC03896 This looks surprisingly like a cake.DSC03898 No baking and bacon experience would be complete without Michael.  So we had him drive up from Issaquah to join us.DSC03901 I am literally filled with joy in cake formDSC03902 Apprehensive girl is apprehensive.DSC03903 Gabe is less apprehensive.DSC03907 The remainder so far.DSC03908

It was delicious.  It was so so delicious.  This was a day I feel I can be proud of forever.  I can die knowing I've accomplished something great in this world.  I'm assuming it'll be tonight when my heart realizes the futility of trying to keep up with my taste buds.