Thursday, September 4, 2008


So, that's it. PAX is over and we're left with nothing but memories.
My favorite memories, in no particular order:
1) I got to hug Felicia Day and get it on film
2) OMG, I hugged Felicia Day


she was really quite a sweetheart.
3) I saw Felicia and Jonathan Coulton singing "Still Alive"

4) I shook hands with StepTo after he sang a rousing Pearl Jam song on the Rock Band 2 stage
5) During the Friday night concert, I enjoyed the hell out of the 1Ups and Freezepop until some mulleted and hugely bearded sweaty bastard showed up and wanged my friend in the tit, and then the Douchebag Train busted onto the scene dropping off a bunch of 16-year-old sweaty high-school dance fuckers... and all of them started hopping and mosh-pitting in front of us. Horribley horrible, but memorable.

6) I met the EvAv crew. Hi guys!
7) I got into the background of an entire G4 show (XPlay, was on around 8PM Tuesday... replayed this weekend as "PAX Day 1"). Morgan Manjaw is WAY better looking in person (despite the pancake makeup), and I probably look like a total tool trying not to stare at her ass for a half hour.

8) Snagging a bar table at Gordon Biersch 3 minutes after showing up (shunting a 1.5 hour wait). Yay garlic fries!

9) Best pizza ever at Bill's Off Broadway
10) Getting nailed for 40 bucks on a $7.00 parking spot because I wrote 12 instead of 16 on a make-shift envelope.

That wasn't meant to be a top-10 list, but 10 seemed like a great spot to stop writing.

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