Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fairness doctrine in action

Tonight I gave a chance to a reprehensively bad episode of the new Fox breakout: Lie to Me.  Besides the criminal use of Tim Roth in this one-trick pony of a team of deus ex machina truth detectors, I saw the Fairness Doctrine in action without the need for government intervention.

I saw the team, over the course of an hour, demonstrate the effect of "microexpressions" (in the form of ham-fisted displays of obviousness) to solve their crimes CSI-style.  They even-handedly used images and video of Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Chief Justice John Roberts, juxtaposed over the hour with videos of President Obama and President Bill Clinton to illustrate examples of people lying.

This show decided to use government officials as example of liars, which is well within reason.  But it knew not to go the now standard Bush-bashing route (oddly, I didn't see any imagery of Bush himself) to sell its product.

It does a decent job of using the weaknesses of our government controlling a message or keeping a secret, but at least it doesn't paint the whole apparatus as an institutional lie factory.

Still… terrible show.

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