Thursday, September 24, 2009


Jeff Dunham has a whole new series, starting October 22.




There are a lot of pains I will accept. 

  • World hunger
  • AIDS in Africa
  • Blasphemy
  • Rising tides
  • Global thermonuclear war
  • Evil, compounded by evil, committing evil against evil, with innocence in the crossfire

But, a bad ventriloquist, with his own show?  No.  This will not stand.

He’s been doing this whole “on a stick” schtick for over 2 decades.  He’s safe comedy, invoking shock to the level that would titillate your older aunt who mocks outrage at the slightest mention of vulgarity or the most timid racial references, like she’s never heard it before.  Jay Leno is more controversial and entertaining… with Pat Morita…

It’s lazy.  I don’t tolerate rewarded laziness.

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