Friday, April 25, 2008

Compact Parking Spots

Something new I've discovered in moving to the Seattle area.  The "Compact" parking spot.


I've never lived anywhere before with this artifact of public do-goodery meets business's need for more parking.  In Minnesota, where I worked in surveying for a couple years, parking spots had to be a certain width, no matter what.  There was no exception based on whether you spray-painted down some letters.

The insidious part is that so many places (including my work) have something like 50% of the spots marked as "compact", while the clientele (or employees) don't come anywhere near that demographic.  So, what do you do?  Obey the markings?  Butt your door up against your neighbor and hope for the best?  Just take the door dings as part of the job?  Sell your already-paid-for-car and buy a "compact" car?  Or, be like the hero above and reserve the space necessary for your vehicle?

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