Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok. This is a litmus test.
Your roommate turns on the TV and announces, "Plinko!"
What do you do?

The correct response, as beautifully expressed by Kent:
"ohh, I fuckin' run and hop the couch"

I'm finding some of my best friends don't feel the same way. I'm really questioning their childhood. Were they ever home sick and watching TV? Did they ever wake up before 11AM during the summer? How is Plinko not one of the most exciting moments of their childhood?!?

It's the one guilt-free game on The Price is Right. It's the one game you can lose and not go, "man, I should have guessed 3, not 4!!!" It's an exercise in absolute luck, tempered by a basic understanding of binary trees and bell curves.

Tell me this isn't exciting

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William said...

Just stumbled upon your website. Between the breakfast cake and Plinko, it is a site of remarkable insight into the human condition.

Well done, sir.