Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Famous" ventriloquism

Jeff Dunham is a "famous" ventriloquist. There's a few words in that sentence that send me into a rage.

First, there's "ventriloquist". You're one step below "mime". At least the mime has the good sense to not pretend somebody else is telling his unfunny shit.

Then, more importantly, there's "famous". This bothers me in two ways. First, it means he's actually making money doing this shit. That makes me angry at him. Second, it means there are people who like his antics. That makes me disappointed with America.

He's not funny, and he's not good at it. It's well known that there are tricks to speaking without moving your lips (replacing m's with n's, p's with t's), hopefully seamlessly enough. But, one would assume that after something like 2 decades becoming all famous at this, he'd at least be good at it... or funny.

I'm all for some good racial humor. ESPECIALLY some good terrorism humor. But this just doesn't even try to be funny... or good at ventriloquism.

This guy showed up at my high school senior party (or maybe it was sometime in college... I don't know... I've swiss-cheesed my memory a bit since then), but I distinctly remembering him bombing hard, except when his little Jalapeno buddy said "on a stick". And that marks the moment I started to hate this man and resent the entirety of his efforts in life.

I've seen better ventriloquists... but I've also seen more entertaining sleeping cats.

Guess who has another special on Comedy Central this weekend? Enjoy!

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