Friday, November 28, 2008

My Cats

As if anybody cared.  These are the cats I know I know… these are the cats I know.


This, above, is Dusky.  She’s a Maine Coon who loves foods, chirping, T.O.Y.S. and laser pointers.  Here’s Dusky chasing her tail with a piece of yellow yarn tied to it.

And, below, is my kitten Putita.  Her name is a dirty Spanish word that fits her well.



She really is a bitch-cat.  I picked her up off the mean streets of Tucson, delivering her from a harsh life of kangaroo mice and little birdies for sustenance.  She hates strangers and voyeur cats, and she beats up on her kitten friends.  She’s a sweetheart, but very particular about who gives her the lovin’.

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